Daily Guitar Practice - Pebber Brown

By Ingrid Wood on January 24, 2014


Warning: This is not for beginners! What should I practice? What should I practice? How much and how long? Pebber Brown gets asked these questions multiple times every month. In this master class, Pebber Brown gives you a boot-camp rundown on what and how to practice. You can download a daily practice routine from http://bit.ly/1fcg4GJ and get busy. This is Module 1, Part 1 of a Daily Practice Routine.  For you guitarist, this is a good gem to work with...

Some commments: "...the most important part was when Pebber said: "Make up your own exercises, these are just exercises I made up 30 years ago". Meaning, whatever my personal playing style is, make up exercises that reflect that, and master those. Within the meaning of musical theory of course! :)" - Mick Malkemus.  

And Christopher Borkowski: "This practice module is performance art and comedy rutine, but these are serious practice drills...this is justing getting from frozen solid to cold..."

Pebber Brown has been a guitar and bass instructor for over 34 years. He resides in Claremont, California.

"Over 30 years ago, I was a student at Berklee College of Music (Boston, Mass) and was also an honors graduate of the Dick Grove School of Music (formerly in Studio City, CA), and have studied with many top notch studio and jazz guitarists for many years.

While I was at Berklee College of Music, the main Guitarist that totally changed my life was jazz guitarist, Pat Martino. It was my early time studying with Pat Martino that made me fully understand the concept of self-instruction and using music and the guitar fingerboard itself as the source of information..

Many players now are coming out of GIT and people often wonder why I didn’t go to GIT. The main reason is that I felt that Dick Grove’s methods and overall concepts were state of the art, and that GIT did not have as much to offer at that time(late 1970′s). During the time I was at Dick Grove in the late 1970′s and early 1980′s, GIT was still very undeveloped and did not have anywhere near what it contains today. I studied advanced Harmony and Composition with Dick Grove himself and I have integrated Dick Grove’s Modern Harmonic Relationships to my own teaching methods for the past 26 years.

My main teachers in my life have been Pat Martino, Dick Grove and Allan Holdsworth. I firmly believe that the Guitar itself is the best information source, and that music itself is the best teacher. By studying one man’s method or another man’s method you only seek to form a logical system to understand deeper that which is already available directly from the instrument and the music itself! This is why some of the greatest musicians and guitarists in the world are primarily self taught – John McLaughlin – self taught, Allan Holdsworth – self taught, Wes Montgomery – self taught, Eric Johnson – self taught, Frank Zappa- self taught, Dick Grove- self taught. To me it becomes increasingly evident that the information is available to anyone and that lessons are only a means and an organized path to follow to understand music. I believe I have developed a method that is far superior to anything currently being taught in any school and I would like to offer my skills and method to you."

website: http://www.pbguitarstudio.com/