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Music For Well-Being

10/06/17 at 02:14 PM | by MelodyFusion Team
Music For Well-Being: 11 Positive Effects of Music On Health Music For Well-Being

Have you ever noticed how the perfect song can change your mood from sour to rosy; your outlook from dire and depressed to happy and hopeful?

If so, you have already experienced one of the greatest effects music can have on your demeanor and mental health—a trans-formative effect that cannot otherwise be explained.

While diet and exercise are certainly beneficial to your health, many medical doctors and psychiatrists are now advising, even urging their patients to include music therapy as part of their overall treatment plan, relying on credible studies that have demonstrated the power of music for our well-being.

To highlight the powerful healing properties of music—both mentally and physically—below we have outlined 11 positive effects of music on our health, including an in-depth explanation of each of these advantageous and remarkable effects.

Thanks to Kat with, an online hub for aspiring musicians.

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June 2014 Contest Winner!

07/01/14 at 08:45 AM | by MelodyFusion Team

June has been a riot! This month's contest "Post the Most Tracks" has definitely made some musical waves on Melody Fusion. We've enjoyed watching members crank up the volume and share all this music with our membership. 

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May 2014 Contest: Post The Best Profile Pic

05/01/14 at 09:00 AM | by MelodyFusion Team

May 2014 Contest: Post the Best Profile Pic. Th Monthly Contests are smaller contest that run simultaneous with our annual Band Gear Giveaway. The prizes a fun!

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Joe Meet Chimp

04/14/14 at 09:00 AM | by Ingrid Wood
Joe meet Chimp

Or: how to get your newsletter in the 21st century

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Meet Joe

04/06/14 at 04:00 PM | by Ingrid Wood
Joe Uveges on Melody Fusion

Ingrid Wood meets with Joe Uveges to make a deal...

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We are doing it again! Band Gear Giveaway 2014

03/17/14 at 09:35 AM | by MelodyFusion Team
Melody Fusion Band Gear Giveaway 2014

Yes, another “Band Gear Give-Away”!The last “Band Gear Give-Away” was such a great success that we're doing it again! By promoting your music and gigs or discovering and reviewing other's tracks, you automatically stack up entries. Think of it this way - Melody Fusion is helping you, help yourself, by offering such a nice GRAND PRIZE to promote your tunes or find and listen to new music…it’s ALL FREE!

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Monthly Mini Contests Starting April 2014

03/17/14 at 02:29 AM | by Ingrid Wood

We are committed to making Melody Fusion a rockin' place, and want you to have something fun to strive for. That's why these big brains came up with Monthly Mini Contests.

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And the winner is....

01/31/14 at 03:27 AM | by MelodyFusion Team

We at MelodyFusion are very happy to announce the winner of the band gear giveaway! And the winner is...

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Earn ENTRIES For the Band Gear Give-Away?

11/02/13 at 12:31 PM | by MelodyFusion Team
Picture of Melody Fusion Logo Blog

Take a moment to bookmark this page because it will become a definitive “How To” on earning entries toward the “Band Gear Give-Away”. If you have questions, please post them below.

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What is the “Band Gear Give-Away”?

11/01/13 at 08:02 PM | by MelodyFusion Team
Picture of Melody Fusion Logo

What is the “Band Gear “Give-Away”? It's an inspiring way for musicians to PROMOTE their music and fans to DISCOVER new sounds; at the same time, Stack-Up entries to win am AMAZING, High-End, Brand Name, Musical Instrument!

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Networking for Musicians Made Easy: How to Find Your Way Around MelodyFusion.Com

10/30/13 at 06:02 PM | by MelodyFusion Team
MelodyFusion.Com Blog Post Logo

A quick reference of links to important pages on MelodyFusion.Com Useful for keeping up with the "Band Gear Give-Away".

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