April 2014: Post the Most Gigs

03/25/14 at 10:10 AM | Published Under Monthly Mini Contests by MelodyFusion Team

April 2014: Post the Most Gigs Month

We listened to you! You asked for more contests and prizes, so the brains behind the scene came up with our Monthly Mini-Contests. This list of monthly contests has some interesting challenges, for example: Write a Jingle (September)

For this month, the month of April, we picked "Post the Most Gigs". Whomever posts the most gigs between April 1 and April 30, 2014 will win this contest. 


There are some rules, of course there are :) You can read them in detail here


Entering a gig is an Entry. This can be your own gig or someone else's. To add a Gig:

  • If you have not already done so, join Melody Fusion and create a profile
  • Once you have completed your Profile, you can select 'Add a Gig'
  • On this form, enter as much information as possible.
  • You can choose to add the Artist/Band name to the Venue name.
  • It works really well to add a picture of a flyer or venue. 
  • In the Info, add the web-address (URL) where people can see more information and order tickets.

Add Performance on Melody Fusion Profile

You can see all your gigs by selecting 'My Gigs' from your profile, or clicking 'Gigs' on this page. From the 'Edit Your Gigs' page you can add further gigs, edit or delete gigs as well. 

No Leader Board

There will be no Leader Board - it will be a bit more suspenseful this way :). We will update you all via the newsletter which is scheduled to go out every Tuesday.


We are working on some great prizes, cool branded items. We will annouce this soon. 

Winner Announcement

The contest will close at Midnight GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) on April 30. The winner will be announced on or around May 1st - we have to get back to the office and ask our programmer nicely to give us the final scores :)

If any of you have questions, you can post a comment here. Let's Play!

- Team Melody Fusion