Earn ENTRIES For the Band Gear Give-Away?

11/02/13 at 12:31 PM | Published Under Band Gear Giveaway by MelodyFusion Team

How can I earn ENTRIES toward the “Band Gear Give-Away?” 

You may want to “bookmark” this page. It will prove to be a helpful reference when you want to know what counts as an entry during the “Band Gear Give-Away.” And don’t forget…you are able to accumulate an unlimited amount of entries! Feel free to ask questions or post comments below this post. 

1.)  Sign up for a MelodyFusion.Com account. It's completely FREE and simple!

picture of Creating a Melody Fusion Profile Form

  • Your name as you would like it to appear in your profile.

  • Your email address. Serves as your sign in and a means of communication if you’re participating in the Giveaway.

  • Password: 8 characters or more & must contain at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, and 1 number.

  • Re-enter password for verification.

  • From the dropdown arrow, please choose the metro region closest to you.

  • Postal or Zip Code.

  • Profile Type: Click on the dropdown arrow & select from Personal, Band, Business, Performer, Institution, or Technical.

  • If you agree to the terms, click the ‘Check-Box’. If you do not wish to participate in the contest, please click that ‘Check-Box’. 

  • All that’s left to do is click the [JOIN] button.

Welome to MelodyFusion.Com – An online Social Media & Networking community for Musicians and Fans to Connect!


Socialize with other Musicians - Picture of how to log in

2.)  Everyday you log-in to your MelodyFusion.Com profile!  

  • At the top of any MelodyFusion.Com webapage, click [LOGIN]. 
  • Then, enter the Email and Password associated with your account.

Networking for Musicians - Picture of How do I log in

While you’re here, why not stack-up on entries by posting a photo, commenting, or idolizing someone. 

  • To proceed, click [LOGIN]



picture of Add a Photo to album

3.)  By adding a photo to your album. 

  • Clicking [CHOOSE FILE] will bring up your computer’s file explorer. 

  • Choose your picture and then upload it. 

  • Share a description of your photo.

  • Once you’re finished, click [SAVE].



4.)  By posting a picture AND having something to say about it!  

  • After you sign-in, click [POST PICTURE] , then [CHOOSE FILE]
  • Find & Upload the picture from your file menu
  • Post a comment and then click [ADD POST]

picture of How To post picture on profile




5.)  Commenting on your own photos even counts for entries! Here is how:

Music Promotion Networking - picture of how to post comment about photo

  • Locate the photo you would like to comment on and click [COMMENT]

  • Once the text-box appears, start typing your commentsLocate the photo you would like to say something about & click [COMMENT].  

  • When finished, click [ADD COMMENT]

Social Media for Musicians - Picture of how to comment on photo



6.)  Communicating with another member by posting something on their profile page.

Marketing for Musicians - Picture of how to post a text comment

  • From a member's profile page click [POST SOMETHING]


Social Media Networking - picture of how to text on Melody Fusion

  • Determine the type of post you would like to contribute by clicking the appropriate tab

  • The default is [POST TEXT]. Type your text into the box and when finished, click [ADD POST]


7.)  Idolizing another music enthusiast or having a member idoize you. A "win-win" for both members

  • Musicians & Fans Connect - Picture of how to idolize another memberFrom another member’s profile page, just click [IDOLIZE]. That’s it! Idolizing earns each person an entry!


Musicians Networking with Musicians - picture of how do I post something

8.)  Posting a video's URL or embedding a YouTube video! 

  • Once you are logged in, there are two ways to post, or embed a video. 
  • You may either choose [POST SOMETHING], or you may directly choose [POST VIDEO]
  • For this example, we will post, or link a MelodyFusion YouTube Promote your music on YouTube - How do I quickly get to YouTubeVideo. 
  • To quickly access YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, click the corresponding icon located on your profile page.  

    Picture of how to post YouTube Video - Melody Fusion
  • Copy the URL (website address) of where the video is hosted and paste it into either the 'URL' or 'Embed YouTube Video, text box.
  • Enter a description of the video and then click [ADD POST].


9.)  Socializing with another musician, fan or member by commenting on their photo.Socialize with Musicians & Fans - Picture of how to post a comment on photo

Socialize with Musicians & Fans - picture of how to comment

  • You must be logged into your account to comment on another member’s photo.

  • There are two ways to go about this: Either select the picture itself, or click [SEE ALL PHOTOS] to choose the picture. 

  • Simply type your message in the “comments” box. 

  • When finished, click [COMMENT].


Stay tuned,
The MelodyFusion Team

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