Welcome Sweeps Advantage Contestants!

12/27/13 at 07:55 AM by MelodyFusion Team

Welcome, Sweepstakes Advantage Contestants!

Every giveaway needs contestants, but how do you tell people to come enter? To help get the word out about ours, we worked Sweepstakes Advantage logowith Sweepstakes Advantage, one of the top sweepstakes aggregators on the Internet. 

By listing our Band Gear Give-Away in the Sweepstakes Advantage directory, we were able to reach more artists and fans than we could have on our own. The directory, which gets thousands of visitors every day, is designed to make it easy for contestants to find giveaways that they’re interested in. 

Sweepstakes Advantage sorts contests into categories based on the type of prizes offered, the number of times you can enter, and the way you enter. You can also see which contests have just been listed or are about to expire.

Melody Fusion Band Gear Giveaway listing

Unlike our Band Gear Give-Away, which lets you rack up contest entries just for discovering new music and interacting with other Melody Fusion members, some sweepstakes only allow one entry per person. Keeping track of which sweepstakes you’ve entered can be a necessary hassle for those contests that disqualify anyone who enters more than once. Sweepstakes Advantage takes the work out of record-keeping by giving contestants the option of checking off sweepstakes as part of the entry process.

It also has a large and active forum where members gather to brag about their winnings, tell others about new giveaways, and share tips on how to get the most out of Sweepstakes Advantage. The forum is full of experienced members’ advice on managing entries, staying safe, and improving the odds of winning a prize.

Sweepstakes Advantage’s popularity among contestants has helped us tell the world about our own giveaway. To everyone who discovered Melody Fusion through Sweepstakes Advantage, welcome, and we hope you have a great time earning Band Gear Give-Away entries!

Stay tuned,
The Melody Fusion Team