Melody Fusion Newsletter March 17, 2014

03/17/14 at 03:53 AM | Published Under News & Updates by Ingrid Wood


Melody Fusion Band Gear Giveaway 2014 - newsletter

Hi Melody Fusion!

We are super excited because we have lots of goodies to share with you! Are you ready...?

Band Gear Giveaway 2014-2015:
Yes, we are doing it again! Kickoff is TODAY, March 17 2014 and ends on February 28th 2015 at midnight Greenwich Mean Time (GMT, that is in England, in case you were wondering*)

You don't need to sign up, you will automatically enter by being a Melody Fusion member. Please take a moment and check out the Rules & Terms of Competition. The way it works though is the more entries you have, the higher your chances! You can track who is leading the entry race on the Leader-Board.

Oh PRIZES you say? Yes, you can find out all the details on our  Blog.  (You can also read there how happy our last winner is :))

Next, we've done some serious remodeling on the website. It is now even easier to find out what is happening on Melody Fusion:

  • Homepage: (<< check it out!) now shows the latest posts by members.
  • Menu: we have added needed items to the main navigation
  • My Fusion Board: your own page with posts from you and those you have idolized
  • ... there will be more cool changes... coming soon

Last but not least: we are committed to making Melody Fusion a rockin' place, and want you to have something fun to strive for. That's why these big brains came up with Monthly Mini Contests...Yes, more goodies!

Sooo... are you ready... ? You probably are by now. We know we are! Let's Play!

- The Melody Fusion Team

* Fun test: what time of the day or night is that where YOU are? It is a challenge for us at Melody Fusion to have this drawing when we can all be awake - given we're located all around the world!