Monthly Mini Contests Starting April 2014

03/17/14 at 02:29 AM | Published Under Monthly Mini Contests by Ingrid Wood

We are committed to making Melody Fusion a rockin' place, and want you to have something fun to strive for. That's why these big brains came up with Monthly Mini Contests.

These contest and promotions will run for the duration of a month, and the first one will start on April 1, 2014. No, it is not a joke :)

We are working on the details for these contests, but here the big idea:

  • April 2014: Post the most Gigs
  • May 2014: Post the best Profile Pic
  • June 2014: Post the Most Tracks
  • July 2014: Post the best Master Class
  • August 2014: Post the Best Bio 
  • September 2014:  Post the Best Review  AND  Launch of "Create a Melody Fusion Jingle"
  • December 2014: The most listened to Track
  • January 2015: The Melody Fusion Jingle Winner

Each of these contests will have its own rules and blog posts. There will NOT be a separate leader-board; instead, we will send you weekly updates on who's in the lead!

Stay tuned for more information :)

- The Melody Fusion Team.