Count Down for June Contest

06/24/14 at 01:45 PM | Published Under Monthly Mini Contests by MelodyFusion Team

Melody Fusion is running monthly contests to entice our members in sharing their love for music and their accomplishments. We reward the winner with a fun prize and lots of acknowledgements!  

For the month of June, the contest is "Post the Most Tracks". We've had a hot race going between Brian Hutzell and Matthew Sams, which is a lot of fun to watch; Matthew Sams is in the lead with 55 tracks and Brian Hutzell is following with 45 tracks!  All this activity provides us and the members with lots of great music to enjoy, and we can pay them back by providing feedback and reviews.

Melody Fusion June 2014 Monthly Contest Prize HoodieOh, and if you hadn't figured it out yet: there is NO LIMIT on the number of tracks you can upload on Melody Fusion. Isn't that awesome??

We are now in the last week of the contest, and it is going to be a close ending! If you are still game to play to contest, upload your own tracks (You can read more in the "June 2014 Contest: Post the Most Tracks" blog post.) Otherwise, visit Matt or Brian's page and drop them a post or comment. 

The head honchos listened to you (and me - after a bit of pushing :)) and have decided on a HOODIE as a prize! (Hey psssst... I want one too!)

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