June 2014 Contest Winner!

07/01/14 at 08:45 AM | Published Under Monthly Mini Contests by MelodyFusion Team

June has been a riot! This month's contest "Post the Most Tracks" has definitely made some musical waves on Melody Fusion. We've enjoyed watching members crank up the volume and share all their music with our members and us. 

The winner is... Matt Sams who uploaded a whopping 118 tracks in June (!), followed super closely by Brian Hutzell who uploaded 97 tracks! Both are very active musicians and it was a rear-end-clenching-teeth-grinding race! Why don't you take a moment and send them both a congrats?  

Melody Fusion Monthly Mini Contest prize: branded hoodieWe are super pleased to award the winner with a custom Melody Fusion branded hoodie.  As Alan Landau shared in Why We Started Melody Fusion:  "We're are looking out for the rest of the musicians out there, the people who have a passion for music... to build a music community..." That's what we are doing, and that is what YOU are doing, and we thank you for that! 

We have started the July contest today, which is "Post the Best Master Class". We are looking forward to seeing videos and write-ups where you can share how to master a specific musical skill!

- The Melody Fusion Team.

 You can read the Press Release here.