Winner July 2014 Contest!

08/01/14 at 08:10 AM | Published Under Monthly Mini Contests by MelodyFusion Team

Here's the July contest winner: Joe Lemire! He wrote a great article on how music is constantly evolving: "Traditional Country Music", describing the roots of country music and how the blending of cultures, communities, teaching styles and other music have influenced various subgenres of country. 

Melody Fusion July Contest winner receives a branded hoodieJoe will win the famous Melody Fusion hoodie, which is a cool way to show off our community!

Last month we had a hard time keeping up with track submissions. Not so much this month, we did not have many submissions for Master Classes. We figure that most of you are more about writing music than writing articles :) This coming month our contest will be a bit easier: "Post the Best Bio Update". 

Think we can do something better or different? Drop us a comment below! 

~ The Melody Fusion Team