Winner August 2014 Contest "Post the Best Bio"

09/03/14 at 08:35 AM | Published Under Monthly Mini Contests by MelodyFusion Team


Here at Melody Fusion we realized we set ourselves up for a difficulty with August's contest. There are so many awesome bios on the site that it involved higher math (weighted voting) to finalize the decision ;0  The winner is awesome: Emma Back!  Emma not only provides lyrical, quircky and sensual music experience, but she also is the founder of She Sings Out Loud where she helps women overcome stagefright. 

Melody Fusion Winner August 2014 Contest Post the Best Bio: Emma BackHere her full bio: "With French influences from her heritage and personal time spent in Paris, Emma Back is a lyrical, quirky and sensual singer-songwriter. Emma uses a loop pedal system to weave violin and vocals melodies together to create the experience of two connected voices. She integrates sultry operatic tones stylized by Eastern-European melodic patterns and unexpected harmonies. Her heart-felt songs speak to the human condition, womanhood, love, and our connection to our earth. Her music is meant to connect, uplift and gently rock her listeners into a more open, vulnerable, and inspired experience. Her music has been called “Mermaid-like,” “Bjork meets Lorina Mckennnitt,” “Gypsy” “world-beat,” “Mystical” and “Avant-Pop.” She is a firm believer that “music has the ability to connect people across any differences, and so altimetry end war and suffering on the planet.”

Emma has a lifetime of experience performing and studying music from Opera and Classical violin to Jazz, Balkan, composition, creative writing and Avant-guard improvisation. She has a degree in music from Naropa university, has to date released an E.P. and is currently working on her debut full-length album.

Emma is the founder of SSOL ~ She Sings Out Loud where she helps women who have always longed to perform, move beyond fear, resignation and self-doubt to own the stage they were born for with confidence, courage and connection so they can build the music career of their dreams and impact the world with their music and message."

Ingrid Wood was fortunate to be able to do an interview with Emma Back before one of her lovely performances  at the Swirl Wine Bar in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

Emma will receive our fun branded Melody Fusion hoodie, which we're sure she'll wear proudly to show of our colors :)  A heartfelt congrats to Emma Back to a contest well won!
- The Melody Fusion Team