Melody Fusion Jingle Contest running Hot!

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winner :  Kyle Schultz with The Melody Fusion Jingle

Final Scores

Hey there Melody Fusioners!

The Melody Fusion Jingle Contest is thus far one of my favorite contests: there is interaction, collaboration. People are creating music and showing off their musical creativity, styles and genres. Not so much only about the numbers; I'm loving it!

Here the run-down of submissions as it stands today January 30, 2015 (in order of submission):

Member & Link Jingle Name & Link
Cameron Bolding Nickelodeon
Rob Darby Melody Fusion: The Jingle
Lonna Marie Melody Fusion Jingle Contest Submission!
Stevie Kuykendall Melody Fusion Jingle !🎶🎸
Takács Árpád & Mészáros Béla Melody Fusion Jingle V1
Takács Árpád & Mészáros Béla Melody Fusion Jingle V2
Allen Morey You Aint Losin' With Melody Fusion
James Bruton Melody Fusion Jingle Submission
Stevie Kuykendall Melody Fusion Jingle #w2- Create + Connect
Other Ear Hop Head
Other Ear Springtime Sunny Niceness
Allen Morey The MelodyFusion Revolution
Other Ear Infusion
Tyler Madden Melody Fusion Jingle
Edward Schaffer Melody Fusion Intro
Tomo and Joe Kast Melody Fusion Jingle (video below, no voice) 
Tomo (music) and Joe Kast (video) Be part of a fusion - Join the Melody Fusion (video below with voice)
Tyler Madden  Melody Fusion Jingle 2
Steven Klaus Join Melody Fusion Today (Jingle)
Steven Klaus (jingle)
Kyle Schultz The Melody Fusion Jingle (also video)
Alice Hastings Melody Fusion Jingle
David & Sulkhan Tsintsadze & Rachel Tysan Jingle (also video)
Sandro + Mael JingleMelodyFusion
David Tsintsadze Jingle (no lyrics)
Vince Connell EDM HOUSE Jingle!
Matthew Sams Melody Fusion Jingle Techno
Matthew Sams Melody Fusion Jingle Punk Rock
Christina Gagnon Melody Fusion Jingle Contest


Here the video submissions by Tomo and Joe Kast :

And the second video by Tomo and Joe Kast (voice credit will follow soon):

A video by Kyle Schultz:

This video by David Tsintsadze:


There is still time for you to enter!!  Keeping an eye out for those submissions.  Post me a message if you need any help.



Melody Fusion Jingle Contest