Jingle Contest Winner!

02/10/15 at 06:29 AM | Published Under Monthly Mini Contests by MelodyFusion Team

Melody Fusion!

Well, it is a good thing we have some real committed and smart folk working here at Melody Fusion. It took a fabulous spreadsheet by one of our hydrogeophysicochemogollygosh founders and emails flying to get the Jingle Contest winner sorted out! Hah!  We weighted votes from 4 judges with 20% creativity, 20% adherence to the Melody Fusion brand, 20% for originiality, 20% for popularity, 10% for video and 5% for collaborative efforts.

Winner Melody Fusion Jingle Contest: Kyle Schultz

The winner is Kyle Schultz with Melody Fusion JingleHe did a magnificent job and we are very pleased to have his wonderful jingle with video as a representation for Melody Fusion. Kyle will win a $1500 gift card from Guitar Center. Thank you Kyle, you deserve it!  

Number 2 is Stevie Kuykendall with Melody Fusion Jingle !🎶🎸  and number 3: Lonna Marie with Melody Fusion Jingle Contest Submission!   Congrats to both of you as well! We will have a consolation prize for you and will be in communication soon. 

There were many great tracks submitted and we want to thank each and every one of you for playing such an awesome game!  We enjoyed this very much and from the comments flying on the site a lot of members did too!  (You can read the complete final scores here)

- Team Melody Fusion

The winning Jingle Video by Kyle Schultz: