Winner of Band Gear Giveaway 2015!

03/02/15 at 03:22 PM | Published Under Band Gear Giveaway by MelodyFusion Team

Well, we’ve done it!  We have a winner for Melody Fusion’s Second Band Gear Giveaway:  Bill Scheve

At first, we were a little bit at a loss because it was likely that the winner would be from our top folks on the leader-board, but the system did draw from ALL members registered in the contest, so fair is fair! *

 Winner Melody Fusion Second Band Gear Giveaway: Bill Scheve

Winner Second Band Gear Giveaway: Bill Scheve And apparently Bill was a little confused too, and for multiple reasons. We sent him an email on Monday asking him for further contact info and then talked on the phone the next day. Apparently it was his wife Sibyl that had registered him on the site, and he thought at first that this was a ‘fake’ notification, haha!  Bill is now getting this isn’t fake, this is very real instead! After sharing what we are all about at Melody Fusion, he is eager to get plugged in and inspired.

Bill has been playing guitar since high school, owned a Strat which he sold and has missed ever since. He’s been playing acoustic guitar but is super excited to get another Fender Strat so he can shred again!   

Please take a moment, send a congrats his way and let him feel the Melody Fusion affection!

- Team Melody Fusion


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