The Big Brains of Melody Fusion came up with this awesome contest: Let's create a Jingle! We believe it is about time that Melody Fusion is branded with some music, what do you say??  Music is what we are about, so it fits the bill perfectly.

How to Create a Jingle

Here's what we've come up with:

  • The jingle should contain a catchy message about Melody Fusion. (Hint: use some of the slogan)
  • The jingle can be short  - say 20-45 seconds, or it can be a full blown song. There will be extra consideration for longer songs.
  • We'd like the jingle to incorporate both instruments and lyrics
  • The genre is completely open. However, use the genre "Jingle Contest" when you submit. This is how we can track the submitted jingles.
  • You can create a track, however it can also be a music video (see special instructions for submitting video below)
  • You can submit as many entries as you wish - there is no limit.
  • Collaboration is highly encouraged - read more below.
  • Did we say it must be catchy??

We've collected a few write ups and examples that may help inspire you: "How to Make Good Advertisement Jingles"; the YouTuber Billy Mitches has created a series of videos on Commercial Jingles, such as: "Commercial Jingles: REPETITION - One of Ten Elements of Great Advertising Jingles" should help you get started.  Here some examples of jingles: "Top 10 Product Commercial Jingles" and "Guess the TV Theme Songs". 

Collaboration means bonus points!  Wouldn't it be cool if you could find one of you to write lyrics, another to compose a tune and find a couple of you to make it reality! Even for those of you that can do this by yourself, we invite you to find another awesome member on Melody Fusion and work on this together.  We know there are a few members on Melody Fusion that have done this before, for example Tomo has won 1st place with the Ernie Ball & Bushman Brothers songs :)

As you go about this, share your efforts on Melody Fusion. You can write posts on your fusion board, but it would be awesome if you'd want to write up - or create a video - of how this all came about. We'll be so proud to showcase your work on our site! 

How to Submit Your Jingle

  1. Sound Track:  Post the track to your profile with the genre "Jingle Contest". If it was a collaborative effort: post the track to each member's profile that was part of the collaboration.
  2. Music Video: Post the video in a comment to this blog post, and INCLUDE YOUR MELODY FUSION MEMBER NAME. You will need to create a Disqus account to be able to post a comment (https://disqus.com/profile/signup/ with Facebook, Twitter or Google account) , and we need to make sure that we can track you down! Ha!
  3. If you want to be super-duper sure,  post to Ingrid Wood's profile to notify her of submitting a track or video. 

Contest Timing

This contest will go until January 31, 2015. We want to give you ample time to connect with fellow members and create something you and we can be proud of!


We are working on an awesome prize for the Jingle Winner. Stay tuned for updates!


Yes there are rules!  It is mostly to make it clear we get to use the jingle and you will submit original work. You can read the complete rules here :)