Stevie Kuykendall : "Eyes of the Lord"


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Artist: Stevie and Nancy Kuykendall

Genre: Inspirational - Christian & Gospel

Sub Genres: Anthemic Rock

Release Date: May 24, 2015

Credits: Stevie: all instruments and lead vocal, Nancy: Descant and harmony vocal

About Track: chorus guitar is my Jazzmaster, crunch guitar is my Gibson SG, Kybrd is my X5D Korg,

Lyrics: words adapted from ll Chronicles 16: 9 and Phillipians 1 : 21

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Stevie Kuykendall , Jamestown

Stevie Kuykendall Flag
about 5 years ago

hit "download" on this one until I can figure out why it wont play off the page...? ! ? It WILL play that way.....