Stevie Kuykendall : Dance Floor Romance😎🎸


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Artist: Stevie Kuykendall-- !🎶

Genre: Blues

Sub Genres: Funky rock style

Credits: Bass: Russ Allen, Drums: Kevin Anderson, Keys: Darrel Devaurs...all vocals: Steve Kuykendall and all guitars

About Track: Sometimes a good dance is all the romance you need...and a killer piano solo!!

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Lavriko, Horlivka

Lavriko Flag
over 5 years ago

Nice blues, Steve!)


Stevie Kuykendall , Jamestown

Stevie Kuykendall Flag
over 5 years ago

You guys are a lot of fun, with your music and personalities! Thanks for the encouragement! It's always uplifting to receive a good review from another musician!! Perhaps one day you'll send me a piece of music and allow me to lay some guitar over it!?!


Cian Lösch Flag
over 5 years ago

WOW. Expceted something calm like Blarney Stone (we heard before) and your sound just blew our mind. It rocks! We actually danced a little bit to it ;- )