David Tsintsadze : Why Me ? Why Me ?


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Artist: David X Gabriel

Genre: Classical

Sub Genres: operetta

Release Date: March 2, 2015

Credits: Lyrics by Rachel Tyson Composed &performed & produced by David X Gabriel

About Track: I have changed vocals to my natural voice here.

Lyrics: Why Me? Why Me? Face black as dawn, eyes red with time, Fortunes forsaken, thoughts without rhyme, Why me? Why me? Mountains of hope crushed, silent as night, Burns from within me, no place for the light. Why me? Why me? Clouds of despair, eyes with no emotion, Gone is all hope, and why I've no notion, Why me? Why me? Clown to his public, crying and sad, Pain on the inside, thoughts bleak and bad, Why me? Why me? Standing in graveyards, watching the moon, Death not a threat, and pray that it's soon. Why me? Why me? Sad shroud of darkness, hiding behind, Clown's face of laughter, truth in his mind Why me? Why me? ---------Lyrics By Rachel Tyson--------------- ---------Produced & Performed by David X Gabriel------------ -----------------------------2015------------------------------------

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