David Tsintsadze : Reflection in the Broken Glass


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Artist: David X Gabriel

Genre: Jazz

Sub Genres: Dixieland

Release Date: September 20, 2015

Credits: Lyrics by Rachel Tyson

About Track: A dixieland song describing our internal duality.

Lyrics: Eyes that lie, and truth hid by a smile Come and trust me now - I dare you to Spider's web, he beckons with his cry Knows my secrets, that unfold in front of you He could kill you with a motion - kill Take your life and suck your levels dry Knowingly, perhaps he really will, He will kill you and you won't know why Kill your hope, kill all the dreams inside you As the daylight hours cast their doubt, Do I know you? Have I sat beside you? Did you turn my feelings inside out? Whose are these, the eyes that now behold me? Where a soul like mine will never be And whose pressured arms constrain, enfold me Could this be my ego? Is it me? It is me! That's Me! Hahahaha That's Me! hahahaha -------------------------------- Lyrics by Rachel Tyson -------------2015-----------

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