David Tsintsadze : And We Hear Only Their Cries


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Artist: David X Gabriel

Genre: Electronic

Sub Genres: Easy listening

Release Date: February 5, 2016

Credits: Lyrics by Artem Humenyuk. Vocals - my wife Rusudan Eliozishvili

About Track: Dedicated to all victims of 2008 War during Russian agression

Lyrics: Empty corpses without own minds Try to find pleasure and kill the time Restless bodies of different kinds Aren’t ashamed to commit a crime Under the Sun and under the Moon Humans are crazy with rage Each year there are some new ruins People and nature are damaged Hear the voice of the Earth: “There’re no winners in wars Defeated people lose their lives, But slayers lose their souls” People sink in sins People go insane There are lots of things That can kill your brain Blind eyes drop tears Poor slaves sink in fears They only waste their own lives And we hear only their cries

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