Ricky Ray Rascoe : Lost Sheep


Artist: Ricky Ray Rascoe

Genre: Singer/Songwriter

Sub Genres: Christian, Roots, Indie

Credits: Ricky Ray Rascoe

About Track: About people on the outside of the church who are made to feel unwelcome.

Lyrics: Lost Sheep Ricky Ray Rascoe Verse 1 Standing outside all of my life That’s the way it’s always been And I’d just like to see what they have for me But they won’t let me in, let me in Chorus Well I’m just one lost sheep Traveling on the road of life I’m searching for a friendly flock That’s shepherded by the light, by the light Verse 2 Pierced and tattooed wearing faded blues I don’t dress like they do And if I come, would they call me a bum Oh Lord does it matter to you, matter to you Verse 3 They say my sin was an abomination No compassion in their eyes If they’re forgiven by you, can’t I be too Isn’t that why you died, why you died

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