Michel Arthur Klaassen

Born in Rotterdam on the (Noordereiland) Northern Island ,in the middle of the city born as a second son in a family of four me included , my father wasn't musical as in playing a instrument but at the age of twelve he encouraged me to play an instrument , my brother only played the record player and a specially KISS and other hard rock , I didn't like this at the time , but listening to the music true time brought me to choose the guitar , I was playing some percussion at the time ,at the age of sixteen I bought my first electric guitar I use to own an auqoustics guitar a year later I bought a Bassguitar my father supported me as much as he could encouraging me where he could at the house of some friends of my parents I had learned to play on a Harmonium and an old church organ and some piano in the meanwhile I was attending school mostly in de evenings and I went to university at the age of 22 and rounded up my study in Genetics a year and a half later , I did have some medical study's befor hand , I olso worked in a studio in London whit several big names Pat Benatar , Vinnie Vincent. , but that was a different time then , my father past away at the age of 18 , at 28 after my band had split up I learned to know my wife wich I got married to , we moved from Rotterdam to Rucphen from there to Zaamslag , and now a couple of years in Terhole , in the meanwhile I've been in several projects see my short bio-excerpt In 1992 I was involved in a disaster in Amsterdam where I was flown in as a medical disaster coordinator and got ill shortly after ,radiation disease and have a muscle disease , but I am able to live whit the disease and I am trying to find some comfort in my music and music making , at the moment I am not able to work out the music as I would normally , but we had to leave our house in Zaamslag we had to sell the house because we had a lot medical bills , but we are searching for an other house where I can make a studio again , in a short but long story my life in short long story Some of the things that happened in My life and made me how I am Today Some dates that had impact 1965/04/14 I was born. In that Year I was treated for an iregularity on My lungs , in 1975 I was drawn from an explosion during a fire, that same year we went on Holiday whit Kurdisch people in the south of Turkey where we we're involved in a War situation,wasn't planed that way at the time it should have been calm in the region , In August of 1984 my father died from liver cancer about for years later Inwas diagnosed wit lung cancers , was treated whit chemotherapy I got trough 1992 /10/04 I was called up on to coordinate a medical team at a disaster that took place in Amsterdam , a plane crashed in to an apartment building After that day my live changed completely and I got sick (Bijlmervliegramp) at the place where I was there was to much Uranium that they use as a counterweight in the wings , I got radiation illness and a muscle disease (an autoimuundisease) medically there were a lot of cost involved so much that they sold my house and studio to pay for the debts , I am still paying for the medical bills maybe I am out of my debts in an other years time , it quite a lot to write in such a profile but this is about the whole story ,.

Metro Region: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Address: Graauw, Zeeland 4569AD

Gender: male

Birthday: April 14