Rob Darby : What You Need To Know


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Artist: Rob Darby

Genre: Rock

Sub Genres: Progressive Pop Rock

Release Date: January 20, 2015

Credits: Rob: Keyboards, bass, vocals, drum programming.

About Track: I wrote this about three years back, when my older son, Connor, got his driver's license. He thinks I'm weird. I can live with that. The keyboard configuration in the picture is what I used: Yamaha P-155 digital piano, Korg X-50 synth, Yamaha YPT-400 cheapy keyboard.

Lyrics: This is what you need to know long before the night/in the darkness many things are out of sight/Will you illuminate the way when light is fading fast/On the way without a light you may not last/If you're on the right side/head-on you'll not meet/not unless you're traveling an English street/Never take it too fast and be looking for the signs/If you should neglect them, you'll be hit with fines/Turn the wheels against the curb when you park down hill/Turn the wheels into the street/when you park up hill/Turn the wheels against the curb/when you park down hill

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Rob Darby, Oakley

Rob Darby Flag
over 5 years ago

Thanks, Allen!


Allen Morey Flag
over 5 years ago

Great lyrics Rob, I totally get it.