Nucky Breaux Jr. : My Turn


Artist: Nucky Breaux Jr.

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Release Date: March 25, 2014

Credits: Produced By: Tony Fadd Engineered By: E.A. Breaux

About Track: This track is the first track on the solo debut album 1201 Arch St. This song was written due to the recent solo ascension of Nucky Breaux Jr. and his experiences of being apart of a group. This is the liberation of a artist finally getting his own light.

Lyrics: Hook This is my turn my turn to shine and its long overdue dawg I ain't gone lie. Yeah I love my niggas and they right by my side but I gotta do me and this is still dawg's life. So I'm the go I'm like fuck sleep cuz what good am I if ain't giving all of me. I'll rest when gone and I'll be tired probably but until then I'll rhyme these thoughts inside me. Cuz dawg its my turn. Verse 1 We been at it foe some years all that hard work and we still standing here. But neva claim failure cuz that's when u give up. And quit neva fit so instead i said get up. Get going cuz what if Martin Luther said fuck it. These niggas dont need me plus these crackers'll kill u public. But he didn't so why should I cuz these lines that i write could help my brotha get by. So I que up beat let my mind fly thinkin bout the times when we use to rhyme just to highside. We was just kids but we wanted all the money. We made some mistakes but hindsight is 20 20. Now its time to get. Hook Verse 2 Yeah Nucky got next and I'm a sure thing so suggest u place ur bets. I been in the shadows learning, watching, taking notes. Just waiting for my turn to tell the world bout Nucky Breaux. But Im here now Dawg Life I'm still down. Like my nigga J-Triz I'm all about my biz now. Cuz I gotta kid now and i aint tryna let her down. My little girl is growing up she told me daddy put it down. So u know I'm on my grind so I ain't got time to chill. Cuz my baby need some shoes and I gotta pay some bills. Plus I owe my momma still but I can neva pay her back. Cuz she always kept it real thank you momma I needed that. Now its my turn. Hook Bridge It's been long road we traveled. And it's a long road ahead. But, it's Dawg Life to the end to the top. Yeah Hook

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