Nucky Breaux Jr. : Sunshine


Artist: Nucky Breaux Jr.

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Release Date: March 25, 2014

Credits: Written By: E. Breaux Produced By: Vybe Beats Engineered By: E.A. Breaux

About Track: Song for the hood we all in this together everybody searching for they sunshine in the midst of these storms we go through. Cause you will go through storms it's you handle em is what makes you who you are.

Lyrics: Hook From the bottom to the top my climb has been long and i aint there yet but i can bet it feels like home.  Am I crazy for believing?  Will I prove the hataz wrong?  See them questions they come up when I'm going thru a storm.  Lord I tryna find a roof just to get my hustle on when the rain is coming down it makes me feel I'm alone.  But when I look around I see my own kind wit they clothes soaking wet hopping fa some sunshine. Verse 1 Niggas hoping for some sunshine but I'm go get mine.  Was raised to be independent don't need no help from yo kind.  It been storming round here dawg its like my city can't stay dry.  Zombies on the block around the clock round the corner be one time.  Niggas trapping tryna stay free fucking hood rats in the mean time.  Smoking loud just tryna stay sane but the hood ain't foe a sane mind.  Nigga just touch down got locked up for the same crime cuz the system dont rehabilitate a nigga they just inslave minds cuz I be in that slave ship hoping they don't lynch a nigga cyz the second they don't leave my production they got a problem wit it so I just do my thang bro I don't tuck my nuts they hang low cuz sometimes nigga gone get wet but that's just how that rain but that's just how that rain go. Hook Verse 2 All I need is a little bit cause I'm sick of this meanless shit plus I'm tired of all these niggas and they stories bout needing shit.  Doing this doing that much that I give that I neva get back.  Lord I wanna leave and never come back cuz the rain keep pouring and I keep getting wet.  Yet I still feel blessed still got breath still on the grind till death no rest.  Nigga its hustle hard or go home and I ain't gonna make that trip just yet.  Cuz my baby gotta eat momma need rest wife so stressed so I gotta go ham.  Gotta get money don't know nutin else cuz any thing else ain't really worth a damn this how I get down if u don't know ain't bout money then B don't go.  Cuz life to short to be worried bout this so bitch ass niggas I will not miss.  I'm a ride this storm till the sunshine dawg climb this hill till the top I'm on.  Cuz broke is a joke and I never been funny I know rain coming but B ain't runnin. Hook

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