Nucky Breaux Jr. : Never Say Never feat. Dooney Black


Artist: Nucky Breaux Jr.

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Release Date: March 25, 2014

Credits: Track Produced By: PSB Song Written By: E. Breaux and G. Downs Recorded and Mixed By: E. A. Breaux @ Tha Bake Shop Studios

About Track: I'm a playa for life. I can leave the game but the game is who I am.

Lyrics: Bridge Oh Lord I can't help it I love these girls.  All shapes and sizes I really don't care.  Just long she look good, cook good, girl u gone get it from the B I swear.  Nucky Verse 1 I swear to put it on ya whenever u feeling horny whenever u feeling freaky I just tell u where to meet me.  But we neva an item so what's with all the feelings what's with all the questions tryna figure out my bidniz.  Girl u know betta  cuz I told u from the jump that I had some other friends u was not the only one.  But u still rolled keep it real I gave u a decision to take or leave it u chose to let me get up in it.  Now u trippin' now tell me girl how being fair when I never lied to ya that should tell that I care. But still the fact remains I'll neva leave the game I know it sound crazy but I love yall all the same. Hook Baby I'm a playa maybe I'll neva change Maybe It'll neva snow and maybe it'll neva rain neva say neva what my momma used to say Cause I can leave the game but i'll still be the same Dooney Verse Nucky Verse 2 Was really goin on cuz at first u no problem but here lately somethings wrong.  You knew about them others now u want em all gone.  But u going all wrong I'm leave yo ass alone. But when I try to leave u keep begging me to stay I really think u crazy but I like that in a way.  Yeah maybe I'm crazy cuz I give it to you good on the daily. Girl that must fuck wit ur head "I Know" when I'm quick to jump up out the bed don't go is what u tell me every time but I never think twice then u say I gotta get u out my system u ain't right.  And I know Im dead wrong but in my defense I told u this.  I see u want more but if I cared Id let u go Ms.  I'm just being honest girl please take my advice u deserve betta find a man to treat right.

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Ingrid Wood, Brielle

Ingrid Wood Flag
over 5 years ago

We just happened to pull up this track during a Melody Fusion review :) Neva Say Neva indeed!