Nucky Breaux Jr. : We Gone Party feat. Gent Eastwood and Babi Gyrl


Artist: Nucky Breaux Jr.

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Release Date: March 25, 2014

Credits: Track Produced By: Tony Fadd Song Written By: E.A. Breaux, M. Gentry, D. Perry Recorded and Mixed By: E. A. Breaux @ Tha Bake Shop Studios

About Track: When the night is going down, the liquor is being poured up, the ladies looking good, and I ain't got no worries.

Lyrics: Hook We gone party long we gone party hard send them lames back home we don't need em to hold this wall.  Im saying Mr. Bartender pour a drink for all cuz we gone party we gone party hard.  Nucky Verse Like its 1999 i got 19 bottles 19 models popping at the same damn time. VIP u know me I'm top notch and so is she.  I'm wit my crew u know how we do im on that cush so I'm worry free.  Party jumping woofers blasting, ain't no drama, blunt we passing, got nuthin but loud in it.  Plus lil momma got ass plenty.  And no she didn't just show me kitty.  U know I'm in it.  Like a brand new fitted.  Cuz we so faded off this voka.  I'm take a feel like a brand new inning. Bounce party hard or go home Drank these walls can stand on they on u ain't to tell me to have a good time  wit all these girls in the place I'm find.  We gone party hard party long pour that drank till all that gone grab that freak that was on the dance floor and I'm a show her how to get her party on.

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Laryssa, Canberra

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over 5 years ago

good work :)