Nucky Breaux Jr. : It's All Good feat. Taihirah Breaux


Artist: Nucky Breaux Jr.

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

Release Date: March 25, 2014

Credits: Track Produced By: PSB Song Written By: E.A. Breaux Recorded and Mixed By: E. A. Breaux @ Tha Bake Shop Studios

About Track: When you have that breakthrough, when you finally figure out what's your purpose. Beautiful!!!

Lyrics: Verse 1 Momma said when I younger ur dreams u gotta follow u gotta start today cuz tommorrows neva promised.  U only one life she told me make it count.  Cuz to many spend life doing shit that don't amount.  To a got damn thang and I be damn if u would end up begging on the streets with a sign and a tin cup.  So momma made sure that we had everything she didn't expect a father but she took that role neva bothered.  By the fact that she so alone momma was a soldier.  Cuz everything she taught me it applied when I got older.  Got a job, started a family, bought a house but something's missing.  Shid I need to get it back if I can figure out what is it damn. Hook I been breaking my back tryna make a living doing something that I just dont love but its cool now I'm feeling new now to hear my voice on the track I does something to me that I just can't explain in these words.  Feeling good now that's on my hood it feels right and everything is all good (reapeat) Its all good Everything this all good Verse 2 Yeah I'm feeling just fine I'm following my path feeling right this time.  Its like I waited so long some times I wonder why but God know his plan compared to him who am I.   See he wit me through the rough but like a diamond i shine.  Cuz when that storm all over not a cloud in the sky.  He smiling down on me like made it alright.  Cuz everything u go through just equip u fight when the adversity arises and all its lil suprises u rise to the occasion with the strength that he provides me.  Just let the Lord guide u cuz he will neva lie I put that on my hood everything is all good. Hook 3 Bridge Hook twice

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Laryssa, Canberra

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over 5 years ago

Nice track man