M Dallas W

Michael Dallas Wright Hometown: San Diego, California, U.S.A. Releasing music under 3 different aliases, Each functioning in different roles. Hip hop project - Diamond Dallas Brage Prog. Alt. Fusion Rock- Flawless Solace Producer Roles(featuring other artists) HipHop/ Pop- M Dallas W All of them can be found on streaming services worldwide. Genre(s): Progressive, Alternative, Acoustic, Blues, Hip-hop, Rock/Metal, Reggae, World Music. Flawless Solace was created by M. Dallas Wright in 2014. An assortment of Original, Multi-Disciplined Artistic Expressions, in one Project. Works are intended to take shape in the form of a Social Movement with its own Message. Consisting of songs in Musical Works, Written Books, Lyrical Compilations, as well as Hand-drawn & Graphic Designs in Visual Arts. "Flawless Solace" brings a new concept to music, observing it as a destination. Music as a mentality, encouraging others to seek their own creative space, and to take an introspective glance to reconnect with our higher self. Aiming to inspire people to create, and remember that music is one of the best ways to express the inexpressible. Ultimately using music as a vehicle to manifest change in the world for better. Transcending and subsequently removing all barriers of social convention, the illusion that makes us believe that were so different. It's only an illusion. All works were created embodying the core foundations of Unity, Ascension, and Love. Initially stemming from his path to overcome PTSD. M Dallas Wright creates emotionally charged, captivating works. Inviting all who may come to enjoy these works- including anyone and everyone suffering post trauma, regardless its degree of severity- to simply remember. Remember 'That Which You Seek,' so that everyone may 'Find Yours' - their own personal 'Flawless Solace.' "All alone- or All One?" "Created2Evolve"

Metro Region: USA

Address: , 92067

Gender: male

Birthday: June 3