4 Key Benefits of Improving Your Songwriting Space!

Writing music is always challenging; it demands a pinch of creativity in everything. However, if you don’t have an ideal songwriting space, it could push you towards suffering and frustration. You would struggle with ideas and comprehend how to activate your artistic thoughts. Most professional songwriters perceive the significance of a “Songwriting Space” very well; they understand that the magic is in the studio. Therefore, they always attempt to create that studio which can signal them that they’re ready to write the best lines of their lives…

Now, of course, it’s not that easy to establish a dream studio, but a person can at least improve his songwriting space, like have warm lighting, get some songwriting books, keep a clean writing surface, and buy some basic instruments as well, so that he/she can stay ready when the song moments are on; these kinds of small improvements can always benefit a lot.

Let me give you a few examples…

No Resistance: Resistance is the no.1 enemy of a songwriter. It resides inside you in the form of zero-motivation, distractedness, anger, negativity, and despair. However, when you have an improved songwriting space, you don’t encounter with these things, since the songwriting space doesn’t let these things kill your genius or destroy your creative core. It in fact injects unbounded enthusiasm in your body and pushes you to dominate every day.

Work with Others: Sometimes, more heads are better than one, so it might become worthwhile to work within a team. When you improve the space, it gets easier for others to associate with you, share ideas, or hand you feedback. If there are musicians in your team, they can play some tunes and make you see how powerful your content is. Besides, the teamwork compels you to stay away from your comfort zone and keeps you motivated.

Personal Touch: You can’t be a great songwriter if you can’t develop your own personal touch, or show the world your own unique voice, and your own studio, or an improved songwriting space, can play a crucial role in it. There are numerous expert writers who keep an inspirational board in their writing space in order to give their songwriting an exclusive touch; they post their favorite quotes, photos, and random thoughts on them all the time. Some writers go an extra mile by using their favorite lights and colors in the writing space.

Time is Money: When everything is available, and you have a private space too, the productivity hits the highest point. If you will canvass the lifestyle of professional songwriters, you will see that they respect their time a lot more than others, and make a difference each day in their careers. They improve their writing space to do everything at one place, such as research, reading, writing, etc. In a way, they give their writing space a religious touch.

When you have these benefits, you transcend the competition. You become relentless, a visual thinker, and engage with the process… You paint your thoughts loud and clearly. And, that’s what you want, of course… So, improve your songwriting space today, and win tomorrow!


Mylène Besançon is the CMO of SongCat, a top-rated online music production facility. SongCat produces around 300 professional-quality songs a year for writers and musicians at various stages of their career. For more information, and to hear what SongCat’s clients are saying about the company, you can visit