About Melody Fusion


The Melody Fusion Story

About five years ago, three ordinary guys—in three different countries—started a conversation about three passions: music, creativity, and helping people. From that initial discussion a company called RedVox was established, the concept of Melody Fusion was born, and in 2013, that concept was turned into a real live website, where music, creativity and helping people all converge.

Melody Fusion is a website designed and operated for one major purpose – to help you fulfill your musical dreams. We'll help you accomplish this by giving you a platform to share your music and a place to find other people with your same passion, all for free.


Your Story

If you're a performer of music... entertaining people with your musical talents, you have the ability to become a professional but might not have the know-how, or maybe you’re already involved in the music industry but are seeking a wider audience.

If you’re a creator of music... you want to take your musical knowledge and skills and apply them artfully to your new composition, pouring your soul into your creation. Producing something from nothing is as fundamental to you as breathing. You want to showcase your creative talents, share ideas with like-minded people, or seek musicians to take your music out into the world.

If you’re a listener of music... you may or may not create or perform music, but if you want to dance to a beat, listening to music is a fundamental part of your life.

If you have a passion to make music your life, your success is will be determined by the number of people you have listening to your music. No matter which of the above you are, you can use Melody Fusion as an extension of your own music launchpad.


What We’re Offering You

Melody Fusion offers you an opportunity to:

  • Expose your musical talents to the entire world, or to a select audience of your own choosing
    • Get feedback from your peers and from recognized music critics
    • Put yourself “out there” to be noticed by record labels and the music industry
    • Develop a loyal following
  • “Learn by doing” in a safe environment and become the best musician you can be:
    • Find a mentor
    • Listen to others’ music to spark your own creative genius
    • Take Master Classes
    • Discover like-minded musicians, share ideas and collaborate on projects
    • Follow and engage with musicians you admire
  • Stay informed with what’s happening in the Melody Fusion music world
    • Read news and reviews about people, bands, musical instruments and sound equipment
    • Participate in forums


What Makes Us So Special?

First, we are committed to helping you achieve your musical dream, and to provide Melody Fusion completely free of charge to members. There is no fee to join, no recurring fees for membership, no paid upgrades, no restrictions, and no storage fees.

Second, we are committed to helping you get involved; we want you to consider Melody Fusion to be your website.  We encourage you to participate in every aspect: upload your music, give feedback, write reviews, participate in forums, team up with other Melody Fusion members, and most importantly, talk to us about other services you would like us to add. We're always open to suggestions on how we can make the website—your website—even better.



Grow Your Musical Talents, Share Your Creativity, Help Each Other.