Face To Face & Teenage Bottle Rockets, Black Sheep

By Chelsie Reynolds on June 20, 2013


Black Sheep is such a small music venue that it really creates such an intimate atmosphere for musicians and fans. Though I had not previously been familiar with the music of Face to Face, a hugely popular punk band in the 90s, I had won two free tickets to the show, so I was not about to pass that up. What I learned was two things. First, the punk scene is still alive and well, and maintains a huge following from a wide range of ages. Second, even if you don't know the music, you can still enjoy watching grown men turn back into boys as they join in the moshing circle right at the front of the stage. The crowd was full of die-hard fans and made it so easy to fall deep into the music, even though I did not know the words.

The band is quite a few years older then when they were playing in their prime, but with time comes a strong musical cohesiveness among the members. Rarely did I notice them concentrating on the notes or checking on finger placements on the guitar. It was fluid, natural, like they had done it a thousand times before. It was a great time and I found myself going home and listening to their album over and over, solidifying the memories of the concert in my mind, finding new appreciation in the lyrics and notes of the songs that meant so much to those around me. 

AlexanderScarborough1977 Flag
over 3 years ago

They are young, full of energy and ideas. It's really great!


Helen57 Flag
almost 4 years ago

I didn't know about this place, but this is so insane. I love them already.