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By Melody Fusion on February 4, 2014


Mark Jenkins (7/4/2012): "Last night I uploaded a video on how to record dual tones as separate tracks using a POD X3 and Sonar Producer Edition. As I thought about it I realized that many people may not have access to this setup. For this reason I thought I would post a video on how to record your guitar using a Rocksmith cable and Audacity, which is a free program. I have not figured out how to record stereo with my Ibanez CS9 Chorus and this setup yet. I can do it with my Line 6 and Sonar, but I'm working how to do it with two Rocksmith cables and Audacity. Google search for Audacity and the Lame MP3 encoder, you'll find the software you need for free. Audacity is completely free recording software and is available on PCs and Macs. Please note that I did not use the Rocksmith game in any way to create this video. This video is about using the cable that comes with the game to record your guitar. "











In this video you will learn how to record your guitar tracks using a Rocksmith USB cable and Audacity, a free program you can download.First, you'll want to Google "Audacity" and install the latest free download.

Mark Jenkins shows his computer screen while working with the cable and Audacity, which is very helpful. When you plug in the Rocksmith cable, your computer will find a device driver, and as Mark says "just let it do its thing" and allow for Windows to search for updates.

Next, you should go to your Windows Control Panel and configure the audio recording levels. The order is to select 'Hardware and Sound' ,then 'Manage Audio Devices'. In the Sound dialog, select 'Recording'. The default device will likely be the Rocksmith USB Guitar Adapter - which is your cable. Right-click on the Rocksmith and select 'Levels' in the Microphone Properties dialog. To set the level correctly, strum your guitar a few times. If you are using pedals, kick those on as well.

Open the Audacity program. If your guitar isn't coming through well in Audacity, select 'Edit' and then 'Preferences' and make sure the recording device is set correctly: the USB Audio Device. And click 'OK'

You now should be able to hit the 'Record' button - the button with red dot. Play your guitar and see if it works!

If you want to export as an MP3, search for the program called LAME.

You can find Mark at a number of places:

Mark Jenkins, Dixmont

Mark Jenkins Flag
over 9 years ago

Thanks for posting my video. Maybe It'll help some people get started with recording for very little expense.


Sophia1970 Flag
over 6 years ago

That's what I was trying to find. I'm not too good in IT so I had no clue how to transfer my music to PC :P


ES1985 Flag
over 6 years ago

Is this really your video? You are amazing then. Great job!


WHarris82 Flag
over 6 years ago

This is the step you want to make if you want to improve!