What are these Master Classes?

By Melody Fusion on February 7, 2014


From Queensland Australia, Holly Imms gives us an explanation of Melody Fusion's Master Classes. These classes are a way for members to share information with each other so they can learn more about the music world...

Anyone can post a Master Class, but it has to useful and helpful for other members. These posts will be screened by Melody Fusion staff and by our members themselves, so that includes you...

There are no limits to what topics and subjects can be posted in a Master Class. You'll already see a really interesting topic on How to Sing at Weddings posted by Ron.

If you have a skill or believe you have something that can help other members, go ahead and post it. That is the whole idea of Melody Fusion: to help our fellow musicians.

You never know, you may even find a Master Class that may help you!

Sophia1980 Flag
over 5 years ago

I really love your voice, Holly is the best.