What is Melody Fusion?

By Melody Fusion on February 7, 2014


If you enjoy creating music and want to get your creativity 'out there'... or perhaps you just like to listen to music and want to know what is happening... or maybe you are a music tutor, or have a band, or you are a song writer and you want people to hear about it... Melody Fusion has been created for you!

You can upload your music for your fans to hear, simply enable them to comment on your videos to help improve your skills - or just to let you know how good you are :) This can expose your music to a wider audience.

Simply idolize bands or people to become a fan of theirs so you can keep up with their music. Musicians and bands can even let their fans know when their next gig is, or they can advertise their events to other Melody Fusion users.

Are you a sound technician and want to offer your services to the music world? Or maybe you manage a restaurant or bar and are looking for that perfect live band to complement your business... Melody Fusion gives you the tools to find what you are looking for!

Howell Edwards, Orlando

Howell Edwards Flag
over 7 years ago

Thanks for the explanation re: Melody Fusion


Jon J. Cardwell, Anniston

Jon J. Cardwell Flag
over 6 years ago

Nice Vid. Thanks.