What's Up?

By Melody Fusion on February 28, 2014


What's Up Melody Fusion?


You Are MelodyFusion!

We are so happy with you! You Are MelodyFusion and you rock! You have almost doubled our membership in the past two months. There are somegreat new folks and bands among you, go check them out.

For you: We’ve planned more contests, promotions and giveaways! Shhhhh… yes! We'll announce the next contest very soon, however in the mean time, we’d love to get your input on this contest, as well as ideas for others. Give us your thoughts, post a comment!

We want to know, your fans want to know, your peers want to know: What’s up in your music world, with your band, your practice? What are you working on, listening to? Do youneed any input on tracks? Visit your profile, and share yourself! We will start interviewing some folks, so the more you share yourself, the better your chances …

In turn, here is what’s up with us: We are working on homepage changes – you’ll love them when you see them! We’re also incorporatingClassified Advertising so you can make your music services available.

Finally: check out our new Featured Track and Profile. This band joined Melody Fusion recently and has a great cause!

Team Melody Fusion


Mel Mascot - Melody FusionP.S. from Mel Mascot: Bartender.

A Koala bear walks into a bar, sits down and orders a BLT sandwich. The Koala eats the BLTsandwich, gets up, spins around, pulls a pistol out of his pouch, shoots the piano player, and proceeds to walk out of the bar. The bartender, in shock,shouts to the Koala, "Hey, who do you think you are, you ate my sandwich and shot my piano player, and just where do you think you're going!?" TheKoala replies, "Hey, I'm a Koala. Look it up." The frustrated bartender pulls out a dictionary from behind the bar and looks up Koala: Thedictionary said "n. a marsupial that eats shoots and leaves." 

(source: Jokes4us.com  http://www.jokes4us.com/animaljokes/koalajokes.html)

Bill Belcher, Wilmington

Bill Belcher Flag
over 8 years ago

Thanks for the update, Team. The link to the featured track is not working. Just a heads up!


Ingrid Wood, Brielle

Ingrid Wood Flag
over 8 years ago

Bill, thanks! Fixed now ;)