PandoHouse Rock: Copyright, Explained

By Melody Fusion on May 20, 2014


As posted on YouTube: “Thanks to the Internet, social media, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), navigating copyright issues has never been harder. And the tragedy of Aaron Swartz shows just how ill-equipped current laws are at addressing modern copyright issues. But before we can reform copyright law, it's important to understand it. In our latest song, we've broken it all down for you, from public domain to fair use to creative commons. That way, when you post something to the Web, you'll know your own rights, and the rights of others.”

We at Melody Fusion wanted to find a fun way to introduce copyright and what’s more fitting than copyright put to song? We would like to present more information on copyright, and want to know what your questions are. And we are sure some of you have a 'Copyright Horror Story'. WE WANT TO KNOW IT ALL: share your story, your comments, questions and suggestions!