A couple of useful music score and notation websites

By Ingrid Wood on September 3, 2014



As I am now the proud owner of a new to me antique upright piano, I realized I need to get my hands on some music again. Over the past week, I've found the following websites:


I ran into this website because I wanted to have a refresher on how to play "Another Shade of Blue" by Denes Agay (The Joy of Boogie and Blues). I found this Youtube video and at the end it had a nice little mention of NoteForNotes.com

NoteForNotes is a digital classroom for classical music. And, even better, it was started by my country-fellow Alexander Buskermolen. The idea: "In Every Musician, There is A Teacher". How cool is that!


Next, I realized I really need to practice my scales. I found Piano Scales Charts at this site, but haven't browsed it much further.


On this blog I found very handy FREE Piano Scale Fingerin Diagrams. I've printed them out and stuffed them into a 3-ring binder, where I am collecting my various pieces of music.


CJO mentioned this site to me in a conversation. You can create music notation right in your browser and share your creations. Thank you CJO!

I've only begon to scratch the surface of these site, but thought I'd share them with you to begin with.  Do you know of any other useful sites?

Howell Edwards, Orlando

Howell Edwards Flag
almost 8 years ago

Thank you for the info.


Jara Christensen, Bixby

Jara Christensen Flag
over 7 years ago

Thanks for the great article!


AnnaMurphy1992 Flag
over 5 years ago

I love your advices, thanks.


MJ1954 Flag
over 5 years ago

I really like the second one, great interface!


Jackson Elizabeth Flag
over 5 years ago

All of them are great for true music lovers. Thank you.