Sail Featured in Gentlemans Genius Magazine

By Ingrid Wood on March 28, 2015


Sail Featured in Gentlemans Genius Magazine:
March 2, 2015

Sail was formed in Clarkston, Michigan by a group of teen musicians. Sail members have studied and Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, Western Michigan Performing Arts, Clarkston High School Symphonic Band, Clarkston High School Orchestra, Clarkston High School Marching Band as well as private instructions in Percussion, Drum Kit, Bass, Vocals, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Violin, Piano, Keyboard and Music Theory.

"Just recently winning the youth arts battle of the bands. Also being able to play at the state fair and taste of Clarkston this year was very exciting."

GG: You've been making moves in Michigan, how'd you get into music? Sail: Anthony: I’ve been classically trained throughout high school, and sang in honors choirs along with performing in many musicals. After graduation, I attended Western Michigan Music School before finally beginning my solo work, as well as joining Sail. Jarrett: I got into music at a relatively young age by listening to the other piano players in my family play piano, and teach me some things here and there. When I was 11, I started taking private piano lessons for about 2 and a half years, along with other instruments. I’ve learning most of my music theory through the band program at my school. Jimmy: The first instrument I learned how to play was the drums. Oddly enough, the video game 'Rock Band' was what influenced me to play the drums. After a couple years of learning and being a part of a local “school of rock” I decided to play the guitar. The guitar really got me to understand music theory which led to playing the bass. I also can play piano but have never been formally trained. Ray: I first got it to music at the age of 6 when I got my first guitar. Ever since then I've been hooked. Thomas: I started off playing guitar in elementary school.

GG: Congrats on your growth, who are some of your influences? Sail: Anthony: Lady gaga quickly inspired me in high school with her outlandish performances which sparked my interest in live performance. Now working with the band, my influences are Red Hot Chili Peppers, Styx, Dream Theater, as well as some newer pop artists. Jarrett: My influences when I began playing piano were what you would think they would be; the classic Elton John, Billy Joel, and other popular songwriters that used a piano in their songs. As I progressed and learned more about the instrument however, I started looking into more complicated styles of music such as jazz, blues, jazz fusion, and even some progressive metal. Right now I would say my greatest musical influence would be Jordan Rudess. Jimmy: I am influenced by Dave Grohl, Victor Wooten, and the genre Jazz for the bass. Ray: My musical influences span over many genres. When I first started playing, I was really into rock guitarists like Angus Young and Joe Perry. Later on I got into classical music since I was in the school orchestra for 7 years. The 4 composers that influenced me the most are Wagner, Holst, Bach, and Tchaikovsky. I've also really into jazz and metal. The jazz players I really like are Joe Pass and Guthrie Govan. The list of metal guitar players that I like is endless. Most recently though I've really gotten into John Petrucci's playing. The man is a genius. Thomas: My personal influences are Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and The Doors.

GG: What are some of your proudest moments in music? Sail: Anthony: Just recently winning the youth arts battle of the bands. Also being able to play at the state fair and taste of Clarkston this year was very exciting. Jarrett: The moments that make me the most proud of myself musically are when I can see that the music I play effects other people. Some examples would be changing someone’s emotions, or making someone dance. Jimmy: My proudest moment in music is being in this band. Personally I get to show what I can do with music and to be with my other band members to put it all together. I'm proud to be in a band that plays music around our area. Ray: My proudest moment has to be when we played at the Michigan state fair. It has been so far are biggest gig and it was when we all as a band really started crafting are sound. Thomas: Playing at Peace fest, Michigan State Fair, and winning a recent local battle of the bands contest.

GG: What cool stuff is on the horizon for Sail? Sail: Anthony: We will be competing in the next battle of the bands in June, and have been working very hard on original songs for future performances. Jarrett: Sail has come a long way in the last year, and beginning to be more noticed and recognized by people not only locally, but in a decent sized area around us. We will be returning to Peace Fest this year, other local festivals, restaurants and bars, maybe even the Detroit International Auto Show. In addition to our shows we play, we are expanding further into writing our own original music and recording. I am really excited for this year and the opportunities it could bring for Sail. Jimmy: We’ve got lots of gigs planned and written some originals. We would like to get more originals in the works. Ray: As for new stuff, we are currently working on songs to further craft our sound and the distinction of that sound. As for events, we are gonna be doing a lot of cool stuff in 2015. We are lined up for peace fest again as well as a bunch of other cool shows. Thomas: We are currently writing originals and hope to have them gig-ready soon.

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Insane review, I just love your writing style, it's quite unique.


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This is amazing, I was always a huge fan of sail. Thanks for sharing :)


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He is a man! Every year he shows the skills ;)


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Sail is one of my favourite artist, he's smart and sensitive!