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What exactly does a record label do for an artist?

06/06/20 at 05:11 PM | by MelodyFusion Team
Record Label

Record labels these days are no longer one size fits all. It can be argued that an artist does not need a record label these days. This is true to a point. While an artist can develop their own content and fan base, record labels can expose that artist to a larger audience in a short amount of time.

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The Marriage Between Music And Image

06/15/19 at 06:08 PM | by MelodyFusion Team
Music and Image

Image can mean a lot when it comes to the music industry.  Some bands can go their whole careers without thinking twice about what they wear on stage, while others depend on calculated photo-ops for recognition.  Take a band like KISS; when former drummer Peter Criss relinquished the rights to his signature makeup in 2014, with a tone of regret all he had to say was “That’s my cross that I bear”.  Whether it's a working musician sifting through their best pics for a promo kit, or a fan trying to fit in the scene, music has an immense influence over how people look.

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Promoting Your Live Gig

01/03/18 at 06:00 PM | by MelodyFusion Team
Photo by Yvette de Wit on Unsplash

Music gigs will always be a vitally important part of a musician's career, so follow these tips to set up your next live show.

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Promoting Your Music Through Facebook

11/30/17 at 02:30 PM | by MelodyFusion Team
Photo by Lukas Hellebrand

Your music is done, now promote your music through Facebook

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Music For Well-Being

10/06/17 at 02:14 PM | by MelodyFusion Team
Music For Well-Being: 11 Positive Effects of Music On Health Music For Well-Being

Have you ever noticed how the perfect song can change your mood from sour to rosy; your outlook from dire and depressed to happy and hopeful?

If so, you have already experienced one of the greatest effects music can have on your demeanor and mental health—a trans-formative effect that cannot otherwise be explained.

While diet and exercise are certainly beneficial to your health, many medical doctors and psychiatrists are now advising, even urging their patients to include music therapy as part of their overall treatment plan, relying on credible studies that have demonstrated the power of music for our well-being.

To highlight the powerful healing properties of music—both mentally and physically—below we have outlined 11 positive effects of music on our health, including an in-depth explanation of each of these advantageous and remarkable effects.

Thanks to Kat with, an online hub for aspiring musicians.

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What will attract people to your music?

07/15/17 at 04:03 PM | by MelodyFusion Team

What will attract people to your music?

.....A number of things. But as a universal, one of the things that most attracts people to music is originality

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