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05/24/13 at 02:00 PM | Published Under About Us by Martin Robinson

My name is Martin Robinson and I'm one of the co-founders of Melody Fusion. I live in Melbourne, Australia. Here's a little history on why we started this website.

I've had an interest in music for a long time. I began piano lessons when I was five years old and continued my formal studies into my twenties. To me, music is as fundamental as breathing: it's a language that transcends all boundaries.

In spite of my passion for music, I chose to study science at University and earned a degree in Hydrogeology, with additional qualifications in Business Management and Accounting. But while I was busy studying science I couldn't be without my first love - music - so I also spent three years singing in and touring with the university chamber choir.

A few years ago, a friend and I were relaxing and having a beer in my living room. We were talking about how even though I wasn't a professional musician I might want to share the music I've written and performed with others, but there isn't a very good way for me to do that since I'm not a known  musician. I work for an engineering firm: who would even know that I'm also a musician?

After this initial conversation, I started to think about all the other people out there, people just like me; and this led to many more conversations with the people who ultimately helped create MelodyFusion.

This is how I saw the music industry:

Imagine there's a funnel, and that funnel has maybe a billion people in its top. Let's say that those billion people are all the people in the world who enjoy music. Now let's say that half of those people seriously enjoy music - not just enjoy listening to music, but they really love their music. They play music, they perform music, they compose music. Those people probably want to make careers in music, or at least would like to have some serious aspect to their music.

So half a billion people in the top part of that funnel will try to take their music to the next level. How? They do what musicians have done for decades: work hard to get a deal with a record label. But the record labels are very selective and they choose only musicians who meet their very strict criteria and who fit a particular mould. The record labels will look at the aspiring half a billion musicians and say, "We'll pick you...you...you..." and then at great expense to themselves they take those chosen few and train them and put them out to market.

Only a tiny, minuscule fraction of those half a billion aspiring musicians ever come out of the bottom of that funnel. What about the others? What about their musical dreams?

That discussion evolved into a much bigger discussion over the next few years until we decided that the best way we could help aspiring musicians was to invest our own money in the development of a purpose designed website.

Our passion with this site is really about giving a valuable service to musicians for free. That's what MelodyFusion is all about. We will eventually need to make some money to keep the site running, but we are not in this for profit. We're in it because we see so many musicians out there trying so hard to make something out of their love of music, but things just aren't working; or they don't know where to start; or they try, but give up too soon because it seems too hard. We'd like to fix that.

We're looking out for the rest of the musicians out there, the people who have a passion for music, and especially the people who write their own music - the Music Creators. I'm not saying we don't need performers. Of course we do, but to me, the soul of music is more with the composer than the performer. Think about this: how many of the artists topping the charts today even write their own music? Who is it who wrote their music, put their heart and soul into creating it in the first place? You never hear about them. You probably don't even know who they are. Those people deserve to get kudos - financially and in terms fame - for their successful music creations.

And MelodyFusion isn't just about music creators, performers and listeners; it's a music community that's about anyone who has a passionate love of music - which could include, for example, educators, sound engineers, music software developers, instrument manufacturers, music mentors, researchers, managers and many more.

So that's what Melody Fusion is all about, and what gave me the passion to want to start it in the first place. I really hope that you give it a try. We're trying to build a music community, and we can't do it without you. Please do create a free account, and send us your feedback as well - we're listening carefully to the feedback we're given by our users becasue we want to make this website as great as it can possibly be.


About the Author

Martin-robinson-melody-fusion Martin Robinson

Martin Robinson is the CEO and Co-Founder of Melody Fusion. Martin loves all music—from Dvorak to Dire Straits, Pavarotti to Prince, Jazz to Folk—although his first love is Classical music. He has a degree in Applied Hydrogeology and works as a Principal Hydrogeologist and partner of a consulting firm. Martin lives with his wife and two sons in Melbourne, Australia. His disparate interests (besides music) include numismatics, growing orchids, share trading and creative writing.