Are You Hearing Us?

01/10/14 at 03:01 AM | Published Under News & Updates by MelodyFusion Team

Did You Receive Our Email?

If you’re a Melody Fusion member, you’re probably getting occasional emails from us — but are they getting through to your inbox?

Spam filtering programs have gotten better, but they’re not perfect yet. In an attempt to keep your inbox free of clutter, your email provider may be mistakenly dropping our emails into your spam folder. If you’re missing Melody Fusion emails, the spam folder (sometimes called the junk folder) is the first place you should look.

If you find one of our emails in your spam folder, you can move it to the inbox and mark it as not being junk mail. In Outlook, right-click on the message, select “Junk Mail,” then select “Mark as Not Junk.” In Gmail, check the box next to the message and click the “Not Spam” button at the top of the spam folder. Some email providers also let you add senders to a “whitelist,” a list of senders whose messages should always be allowed through the filter.

Finally, if you decide you don’t want to receive our emails anymore, please unsubscribe instead of reporting the message as spam. Marking the message as spam confuses the algorithms that determine which messages get sent to the spam filter (in other words, we get lumped in with the shady emails hawking prescription pills).

Hopefully, though, you’re receiving our messages and getting some value from them. If you’re not hearing from us when you think you should be, take a look through your spam folder and, if necessary, adjust its settings.

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