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04/06/14 at 04:00 PM | Published Under Meet Joe by Ingrid Wood

3/13/2014 Colorado Springs.

Joe Uveges Bebo ConcertI first met Joe Uveges at Unity Church in the Rockies, probably over 10 years ago now. He makes you immediately feel at ease because... he is just one of those people that does. Joe is a wonderful singer-songwriter, performer and all-around human being. I love his lyrics and sounds and have seen him perform around town at various ‘Concerts In The Park’.

Early March, I was poking around on Facebook for Melody Fusion and thought “Oh hey, I should look up Joe Uveges” and did. I couldn't find his gigs anywhere and posted a message asking where I could find them, followed an invite to like the Melody Fusion page. Got an immediate response: “Melody, I'm curious about what you are doing. I'm mostly doing emails (increasingly problematic because I've got addresses for 1500 people and am getting flagged all the time now) and Facebook posts. What are you doing?”

I told him about Melody Fusion: that we are a social platform hooking musicians up with each other for mentoring, reviews, master classes, interviews; where music lovers can find new sounds too. He said he wanted to know more and meet up.

It took three tries for us to meet. (Yes it is a charm.) You know musicians; they have funky last-minute gigs come up, such as:  “I just picked up a weird but nice gig on thurs at 10:30. Can we push it to 12:30pm. Still Coffee Exchange 500 block of S. Tejon “  followed by “Bad news. A kid from St. Mary's HS died a couple days ago and they've asked me to come sing at the funeral tomorrow at , you guessed it. . . 10am. Can we cancel until next week?”  

We finally met that sunny Thursday morning at The Coffee Exchange. I wanted to make a deal with Joe: I can help him get his email newsletter, web presence and events calendar in the 21st Century, and in turn I get to write about him going through that. Because I am pretty darn sure he is not the only one going through that.

At first it didn’t click. Joe still thought I was trying to sell him services. When he asked how much and I told him “no money, we help each other out” he visibly relaxed J. 


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About Joe: Joe Uveges has meandered a path of small town minstrel on Colorado's front range for more than 20 years now. Raised a farm kid in Schoharie New York, pummeled by liberal academics at Union College and Catholic University, a grizzled veteran of bar bands and coffeehouses, he should be a burned out skeleton of a man playing Allman Brother covers, tipping lukewarm Coors from a can, and lamenting broken marriages and illegitimate kids. He is not. Instead, 20 years into his first and only marriage and parenting all of his children (with varying degrees of success) he has been touring the country promoting his last 8 CD's.

(PS I'm Ingrid, I work for Melody Fusion as a Moderator and Social Media Marketing consultant and happen to have a little too much computer knowledge)