Matt Sams, Revolutionizing The Art of Songwriting

05/21/14 at 02:33 PM | Published Under Interviews by David Matine

As you know, Matt Sams is a musician on Melody Fusion who is undertaking a revolutionary project: to write, record, and release a new song every single day of the year, for the year 2014.

On Wednesday, May 21st, I contacted Matt to ask him a few questions and get some insight about how the process is going. It was day number 141, and as such, by the end of that day he had 141 songs (good songs I Matt Sams and Billy Corganmight add!) that the public can stream for free.

“I probably curse myself two or three times a week for dreaming up this project,” he said. “I have had to work through walking pneumonia, an ear infection and laryngitis. Those days usually result in an odd song, but I typically enjoy the end product. I basically just force myself to work. I don't allow myself any excuses. But at the end of the day, I'm happy I did it.”

He says the subject matter of his songs seem to be entirely random “I essentially don't know what the song is about until it's finished... and surprisingly, most of the time they sound like I planned it to be about something.”

Matt’s musical influences include Billy Corgan, Pete Townshend, and Stuart Adamson. However, he says he tries not to sound like those musicians when writing his songs. Also, he is open to any genre that seems to be the best fit at the time, except for rap, “because me rapping would be horrible.”

As for his ultimate plans with this project he plans on doing a ‘best of’ for every month. So far he has stayed true to it, posting all the songs for that month in an album that can be found on his website. He also wants to choose the best 12 to 15 songs of the 365 and make one album.

“I would take those songs and have them professionally mixed and mastered, and maybe re-record some parts. I would love to have this project get a proper release.”

Keep giving us great music, and we’ll give you more exposure!

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