What's Your Favorite Graduation Song?

05/27/14 at 02:37 PM | Published Under News & Updates by MelodyFusion Team

It is that time of year: graduation. Right now, here in Colorado Springs, the Thunderbirds are performing their crazy aerial flyovers. There will be plenty of Pomp & Circumstance to match the acrobatics. A tidbit of education for you: "Pomp & Circumstance" (according to dictionary.com) is a splendid celebration with ceremony and fuss, and it has a musical history. 

Where does that term "Pomp & Circumstance" come from anyway ? Well, we find on ehow.com that this phrase refers to the military march composed by Sir Edward Elgar that has been played a graduation ceremonies in the United States for more than 100 years.Elgar took the phrase "pomp and circumstance" from Shakespeare's "Othello." In Act III, Scene III, the title character refers to the "pride, pomp and circumstance of glorious war."

Elgar is considered one of Britain's best composers. His works have been used to celebrate the royal family and have become symbolic of British national identity.

Ok, now that we have that educational bit out of the way: What is your favorite graduation song?