Daddy-O Brings Back Smooth 50s Sounds.

06/13/14 at 01:26 PM | Published Under News & Updates by David Matine

If you like Elvis, the 50s vibe, or just want to get away from the hard edge of life for a few minutes you have to check out Daddy-O, a Boston-based group that features original, 50s-inspired, rockabilly music.

Abandon the lame-stream radio music, and top 40s pop slime for something truly unique. This is kind of like the music that your grandparents listened to, and you know what, they did it for a good reason – because it’s good! The band calls it “Hardcore Fifties”, because it takes the hardest rocking styles of that time, but the only difference is they have a sweet female singer named Brenna Joyce, who accompanies two smooth, rockin dudes, and of course, the quality of sound is better.

“The Way I Walk”, a free download on their account, is a great track with the lovely Brenna Joyce is on back-up vocals that will make you think you’re in the back of a GMC pickup truck, headed out to the beach with the gang. She and RC, the male vocalist/guitarist take turns singing lead vocals, though they both know exactly what they’re doing because every song sounds great.

“Our Last Date”, another track on their Melody Fusion account, is one in which she’s on lead vocals, and the more you listen to her voice, and their smooth acoustic sounds, the more you'll wish you lived in the Boston area so you could check this awesome trio out live.

Daddy-O recently won a contest on for best profile picture on the website. They’ve also been on local TV stations like SMAC TV, in which Special K, the stand-up bassist showed off his slapping bass sounds, and Brenna and RC charmed the audience with their calls for everybody to rock.

If you are in the Boston area be sure to check out their Melody Fusion page regularly for updates on their gigs because they are sure to be a riot live. In the meantime check out the rest of their tracks like, “I’ll Cry No More” or “Oh, So Blue”, and you’ll turn into a fan for sure, daddy-o!

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