Manage Your Email Notifications

06/24/14 at 03:51 AM | Published Under News & Updates by MelodyFusion Team


We continue to make Melody Fusion's site better and better! Our programmers have been working around the clock to get this latest improvement out: Manage Your Subscriptions (or: email notifications). 

1. Manage Per Idol

Manage Your Subscriptions on Melody FusionWhen you Idolize someone, by default you receive one email for each post, comment, track and gig from all your idols. You can already change what you want to be notified about for each of them by selecting Subscriptions, right under the 'Unidolize' button. 

Melody Fusion: Edit Subscription Preferences per IdolWhen you select Subscriptions, you can then select and de-select whether you want to receive email notifications for posts, comments, gigs and tracks from this Idol. For example, you may only want notifications if they have uploaded a new track, then you leave only the 'Tracks' item selected.



2. One Daily Digest

However, you may STILL receive a boatload of emails - we know we sure do! We have added a feature where you can roll all the email notifications into ONE DAILY DIGEST email. You can set this preference on your own profile.

By default, this setting is not turned on. If you want to receive a daily digest of all your notifications, use the following steps:

  1. Melody Fusion: Manage your Email SubscriptionsGo to My Profile
  2. Click on 'Edit Profile'
  3. Click on 'Subscriptions'
  4. Select "Nighly Digest" checkbox and 'Save Your Preferences'. 

Your inbox will appreciate this :)

- The Melody Fusion Team