Free Classified Advertising on Melody Fusion

07/28/14 at 12:35 PM | Published Under News & Updates by MelodyFusion Team

Yes, we have done it again! The big brains of Melody Fusion have been working on this for a little while, and here we are: Classified Advertising on Melody Fusion! We are super excited to offer you this FREE service (yes, really!) and would love to hear comments. Drop us a line below!

What are Classified Ads? (and are they really FREE?)

These classifieds can be used to offer or ask for products or services. You can offer music lessons, gigs, that upright piano you are no longer using. You can ask for these things as well. The classifieds are 'area-specific' meaning you can post them for one or more geographical areas.

Classified Advertisements on Melody Fusion 

A basic advertisement is FREE. Yes you are reading it correctly: FREE :) If you want to add an image or hyperlinks (web-links), those will cost you a whole 1 credit per item. So a premium ad with an image and hyperlinks will cost you 2 credits.

However, here's the cool thing: all our current members and new members will get 10 credits for FREE to use in classifieds! This offer will run for a while to find out how this service supports and benefits the Melody Fusion members. How cool is that?

We ask that you follow the Terms & Conditions and post music related advertising. We reserve the right to remove any advertisement that we find in any way objectionable. 

Post an Ad

Classified Advertisement on Melody Fusion part 1

Posting an ad is done with 2 simple forms.

When you select 'Post an Ad' you will first get a form to select the geographical areas you want to target your advertisement for. You must at least select one area, but can select as many as you like.

In this form you can also indicate whether you want to add an image and hyperlinks to your ad, for 1 credit per item. We consider an advertisement with image and/or hyperlinks a premium ad.

When you select Continue, you will reach the Content Form for the ad. Here you can indicated whether you have something to sell or ask, and whether that is a service or a product.  You can describe your product or service in detail and include your hyperlinks.  

Submit Classified Advertisement on Melody Fusion, Part 2

Sucessfully Submitted Ad

When you select 'Save Ad' you will see the final advertisement as it will show up for others to see. If this is your own ad, you can edit or delete it. You may want to edit your ad; selecting 'Edit' will simply take you back to the content edit form, already filled with your existing content. When you've sold your one-time product, you'll want to delete it from the listing.

Successfully place Classified Advertisement on Melody Fusion

Credits: history and purchasing

Each Melody Fusion member will get 10 credits for FREE to start placing ads. How cool is that? When you run out of credits, you can use the simple Purchase Credits form to buy up to 10 credits at a time.

The "What's this" link simply explains that Credits allow you to purchase Premium Ads which can have an image and include links.

"Purchase History" will show your history of purchased credits. This will help you track how much you have invested in advertising on Melody Fusion.

"Purchase Credits" presents you with a simple form where you can select how many credits you want to purchase. The cost is $1 per credit and you can purchase up to 10 credits at a time.

 We hope you enjoy the Classifieds on Melody Fusion!

~ The Melody Fusion Team