Playlist on Melody Fusion!

03/20/15 at 02:34 PM | Published Under News & Updates by MelodyFusion Team


We listened to your feedback and you have been waiting patiently, but now it is here: the playlist!   Once you log in to Melody Fusion, you will have the new playlist player available to you. Let’s have a look…

 Playlist Player on Melody Fusion

A little closer maybe...

Playlist Player on Melody Fusion closeup


Once logged in, the Playlist Player shows across the top of the Melody Fusion webpage.  It has the typical controls to play and pause the music and to select the previous or next track.

Toggle Playlist on Melody Fusion

 There is a volume slider to the right, and at the far right is a Toggle for showing and hiding the Playlist.When you click that button, the Playlist opens on the right hand side of the webpage, as follows:

 New Player Playlist Toggle

You can add a large number of tracks to the playlist (we don't know what the maximum is, if there is one...) and it will continue to play from the queue, while you can do other things on the Melody Fusion site, or on the web in general.   

Please note that this playlist does NOT save (yet – we’re going to ask for that next).  The playlist is part of your tab in the browser window; each tab will have a separate Playlist. Once you close the Melody Fusion website, or refresh the tab or window, the playlist will be wiped clean. 

We wanted to make this something of value to our members, so this playlist player is ONLY available to our registered members. If you are not logged in to the site, you still get the old button-player.

Enjoy! And, shoot us a comment with your likes and requests!

-Team Melody Fusion

PS - we got note from Stevie Kuykendall that the Playlist did not work on mobile devices, and the awesome developer at Infront got it fixed faster than I could write a support ticket! :)