Promoting Your Music Through Facebook

11/30/17 at 02:30 PM | Published Under Music Blog by MelodyFusion Team


Photo: Sergio by Lukas Hellebrand

So you’ve got the band together and the songs written.  If you want to move the music out of the rehearsal space, you’ll have to put yourself out there.  The music industry has changed drastically in the past ten years in terms of marketing.  You used to have to record your demo and get it sent out to agencies, with the hope of getting signed to a label.  Now it is perfectly possible to self-promote your songs and get them out to a wide audience via social media and attract people to your music.

Set up a dedicated Facebook page

If you are promoting your band, make sure that you set up a dedicated Facebook page, just like any small business would.  This is different to an individual profile, as it is in the public arena and can be seen by anybody.  Your page will allow people to interact with your band, without you being able to see their own personal profiles.  They won’t have to send you a friend request, they can simply “like” your page.  This will mean that their friends can also see that they have “liked” your page on their personal timelines.  Your page is an ideal way to market your music online.

Interact with your audience

Once you have set up your Facebook page, you should now use it to follow local businesses and groups in your community.  People are extremely loyal when they know that the talent is homegrown, and you can use this to your advantage.  It is always worth following bands playing in the same genre as yourself.  This may be direct competition, but many people discover bands in the same genre as their favourites through Facebook and Twitter.  Generally musicians are very supportive of each other, especially when you are just starting out and looking to build an audience.  All bands have to start out somewhere, and even the big acts remember where they have come from.

Make relevant daily posts

Using Facebook as a marketing tool works best if you post daily.  Too many posts and you will irritate your audience.  Too few posts and you will get lost in busy news feeds.  Make sure that you ask your audience questions too.  It might be about their favorite music, or what they think about your artwork ideas.  Everyone likes to be asked their opinion, and you will get more likes and followers if you positively interact with the public.  Use Facebook to tell people where they can listen to and purchase your music.  You can also set up Facebook events and invite your followers if you have a live gig coming up.

 Using Facebook to market your music is a valuable tool and also free. You can get your name out there and help genuine fans to discover your songs.


Article by Sally Writes